Saturday, July 31, 2010

African Silver Grey Parrots Pictures

African Silver Grey Parrots Image of Photography Art
Ever wondered what the most interesting of all birds kakatua? This is Silver Grey parrots, or what is often referred as the African gray parrots. Come from Central Africa, this breed of parrot very smart and very picky. They are able to communicate well in comparison with other parrot-like birds LED yellow Amazon. They are built and measured up to 10 to 14 inches long.

Silver Grey parrots different types available, Congo African Grey with red tail feathers and light gray and Timneh African Grey and dark charcoal gray and red color over their heads. Female parrots essentially larger than the female parrots. Size of the bird man is reaching 12 to 14 inches in length. Female birds of this type usually have a slender neck and head, is narrower than men.
This is a great responsibility in having pets, especially birds like parrots, because they live longer, but Amazon Yellow Led live 80 years longer, they live for 60 years. Parrots are very smart, so they must have a very aware and understood peternak to treat them. They also need lots of interaction and socialization activities, as all birds kakatua do to avoid boredom. If they are bored, they tend to shock and began to pick. Without proper guidance, this resort to make a lot of racial problems. You must offer as an owner, a very long patience and understanding when it comes to dealing with this breed of parrot, as they may in time have ook tantrum. If you want your parrot, train, such as Grey and Silver for berperilaku good manners, you can do so by leading a number of challenges in the course. Make the point is still discipline your pets as much as possible just a few challenges. They just bad behavior could easily be a good school to learn throughout their lives, so you must plan how to teach your pet. This is Silver Grey parrots active breed. They want to interact and play. Outside the game, they tend to deal with these types of tools and fly together. They like to stay close and love to cuddle with their peternak them. If you listen to their vomit, which means they show affection and love for you. However, they do not really want to caress and tergores, but they even go so far as to try and kiss. This must be prevented from human saliva has bacteria and may be dangerous to your pet. As an animal lover, you must register your duty and treat your parrot. They love to sit with someone and they do not stay alone, as this can have serious adverse trends cause, such as the use of the bite and edge of their vocal cords. Finally, as children, Silver Grey with a different attitude, they get the time. It is in your hands for them to train and teach them good behavior.

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