Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Photography of Lion Pictures

Best Lion Pictures From Africa-BostwanaIt 's always fun to see lions in wildlife. If they are successful, but sometimes close enough to photograph. Every time I return from a trip to the brush with one or two pictures of a lion should have success as a predator of this extraordinary often only seen in the distance. Even when you see them up close, have a good chance you will sleep! A selection of these photos are taken in South Africa Kruger National Park, Moremi and Chobe area and Botswana.

Capturing Lion Photos

Male lion scar eye image of battle wounded (Row 4, photo 1), plus one of lions relaxing under a tree after a good power (line 5, step 1) together with UZ Olympus C2100 digital camera.
Although this is only a 2.1 megapixel camera, a photo-stabilized 10x zoom is impressive, giving equal to 38 mm to 380mm 35mm lens. When you add the Olympus B300 1.7 converter, is armed with a 640 mm lens equivalent. This is what allows me to get full frame image of a lion with a bad eye. However, I still use a lot of film photography and other pictures of lions in the film all the photos taken with Canon EOS body, with a good Canon lens 80-200 2.8 or Canon 300 mm F4. Note: Since writing the above, I bought a Canon 100-400 zoom lens photo-stable. Dikombinasikan Canon digital SLR cameras with my body, this zoom is exceptional - 160-640 mm lens on film cameras. This great goal when on safari in Africa, especially if you're limited to shooting wildlife from vehicles, as often happens in national parks of South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania. Even the private luxury safari huts in these countries, there are rules that can not be the game-drive vehicles - which make sense if you do not want to eat the next few large animals!

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